Flowing like a river

And out again I curve and flow
To join the brimming river
For many men come and many men go
But I go on forever

But this curving and flowing tires me
Leaves my legs and breasts sore
Many men enter and many men see
Though none show love to this whore

My body twists and turns
Struggling to join the river
Night after night my heart churns
Will I get to see him ever?

The speed quickens, my mind struggles
As I try to keep my pace
My legs twisting in these endless juggles
Will I ever get to see his face?

Once upon a time,
Was a story I well remember
Passion was love, beauty was fine
And two hearts dreamt of forever

She was the lyric and he was the song
In the endless chasm of space
Ardor was unbridled in a land of no wrong
Yet, she struggled to keep her pace

Through the many penetrations of chance
She tried to join the river
Hoping for that one last song, that one last chance
And she resumed dreaming of forever

And then she arose to bubble forth
As she glimpsed his face and smiled
Picking her clothes from Fate’s mighty wrath
Ready to flow yet another mile

This was something I wrote for my poem writing auditions. The first stanza is from Alfred Tennyson’s poem, “The Brook”

4 thoughts on “Flowing like a river

  1. WOW! Definitely unexplored area of writing. And to realize that its a delicate and sensitive area to write on, not to forget that its a perspective that’s not often taken. Ah, Ria, I am a fan and you are a star! 😀 Love this one the best!

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