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Trespassers, welcome.

It’s Ria Gandhi here. I am a 21 year old student currently based in New York who enjoys writing. This blog is on life and its quirky randomness. I know nothing about my blog adds up to one single thing. You will find me posting several articles at a time, or maybe a couple after a month. Some of them are preachy, others funny, and some just meh. It is a random blog with random posts so don’t be surprised if I post a new cooking recipe one day and a story about the oil seller’s dog the next!

Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery. The adventure is a metaphysical one: it is a way of approaching life indirectly, of acquiring a total rather than a partial view of the universe. The writer lives between the upper and lower worlds: he takes the path in order eventually to become that path himself.I began in absolute chaos and darkness, in a bog or swamp of ideas and emotions and experiences. Even now I do not consider myself a writer, in the ordinary sense of the word. I am a man telling the story of his life, a process which appears more and more inexhaustible as I go on. Like the world-evolution, it is endless. It is a turning inside out, a voyaging through X dimensions, with the result that somewhere along the way one discovers that what one has to tell is not nearly so important as the telling itself. It is this quality about all art which gives it a metaphysical hue, which lifts it out of time and space and centers or integrates it to the whole cosmic process. It is this about art which is ‘therapeutic’: significance, purposefulness, infinitude.From the very beginning almost I was deeply aware that there is no goal. I never hope to embrace the whole, but merely to give in each separate fragment, each work, the feeling of the whole as I go on, because I am digging deeper and deeper into life, digging deeper and deeper into past and future. With the endless burrowing a certitude develops which is greater than faith or belief. I become more and more indifferent to my fate, as writer, and more and more certain of my destiny as a man.― Henry Miller

Your comments and feedback are extremely valuable so do not hesitate to comment. Here’s to a bit of love, a bit of life, and a bit to the randomness in my crazy, stupid, boring, sometimes interesting life!

Signing off,

A deadduckalive 😛

PS. You can contact me on riaroxnrulz@gmail.com

20 thoughts on “About Me

    • Lol..You definitely should! People from all over India and the world are made to visit the Mumbai seaside while they go on a sightseeing tour. There is something really encapsulating about the sun and sand of Mumbai 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by! cheers!

  1. Ur just unbeleivebly fantastic! It just doesn’t seem that ur just 18….! Ur so mature and you express urself so well..! Ur words can just put anyone into thoughts and take them in an entire different world..! It shows how mature and experienced u r..i wish i could be like u..

    • You make me smile. It is really nice of you to say all of that. I am really touched by your kind words. I wish you would wish to be more like yourself and less like me, ’cause each and every one of us is beautiful 🙂

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