Tell me your dreams

Tell me your dreams and I will tell you mine.

If only you could see the moths and their netted wings glowing in the rays of the streetlamp as they fly aimless and lost, the sheer wonder and inquiry in the eyes of a child as he looks, I would share the joy of seeing with you.

If only you could smell the earthy aroma as I walk placing one foot in front of the other in the forest breathing in scents, I would share the joy of fragrance with you.

If only you could hear the music of the birds and cars as they traverse along their respective paths, I would share the joy of listening with you.

If only you could walk with me through this conflict I face as I struggle and flit between dreams and reality, magic and illusion, silence and words, I would share the joy of mutual evolution with you.

If only you could feel my energy rising to the surface and coursing through my veins as I touch you, I would share the joy of passionate embrace with you.

If only you could show me your glee and wonder, the places that made you cry, the people that made you laugh, the things that inspired you to write, I would share the joy of companionship with you.

If only you could turn towards me and tell me your dreams, I would know the joy of sharing with you.

Tell me you dreams, stranger. I want to know you, feel you, taste you, and experience every bit of you. I want to know the thoughts that plague your mind, the layers beneath those brown eyes and the secrets that keep you up on nights. Show me your surprise, your turbulence  as I hear your breath hitch while I entangle myself in you.

Tell me your dreams and I will treasure them all, unlocking them in the deepest recesses of my heart when beauty turns into a thing too scarce and the nights stretch endlessly into the heavens and beyond and the lines between you and I blur and we become one.

I want irrational love

Take me into your arms and into a land of love. A love that speaks for itself. That reaches through and through your soul and makes you feel the ecstasy, the madness, the exhilaration of simple existence. A love that holds your hand to the corners of the earth. A love that jerks you out of your sleeping viscera. A love that is unreasonable. A love that is irrational.
I want this irrational love. Take me with you into this wonderland. Make me feel the love. Feel me, transform me. Brush away my dust and dig into my deepest layers. Reach into these pits and kiss my inner being. Change my definitions, carry me away with you.
Show me what rapture is, teach me what passion is. Peel off my reasons and give me irrational love. The kind that scares you to your bones but also makes you fly.
Relish my soul with your lips. Hug me like there is no tomorrow. Make me know wanting like wanting was all that could ever be wanted. Hold my hand; give me strength to believe in this ardor. Unfurl its awesome power.
Reach into my inner being. See how despite all my levels, it resonates with that of a child’s heart. Learn how my mind works: how the little girl inside me still craves for a fairytale. Be my knight in shining armor.
Touch me, embrace me. Agitate my very foundations and turn them upside down. Wrap me in your arms like embracing me was the best thing you could ever do. Push me into this tumbling maze of passion. Dive deep inside me and devour my heart and mind and soul.
Make me feel things I have never felt before, make me believe in a love that never existed before. Shake my very existence. Give me irrational love.

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”

There are some weird things I do. And a post like this is testimony to this fact. I have a habit of complimenting my acquaintances. I don’t know why, but the kindness and randomness of strangers overwhelms me and makes me feel something that I haven’t felt in ages: love.

Since a long, long time, I have felt a gnawing at my heart. It isn’t the melodramatic hole in the heart earth shattering gnawing. It is more like an inward coil… a constraint…that pulls me back from enjoyment and glee.

That constricting feeling is still there in my heart. Maybe because I am afraid that if I let go, I will fall into nothingness. Although lately, I have started to unclench. I have let myself be beaten and bruised. I have let myself feel alone and unloved. I have let myself be hurt and terrified. And I have let myself fail.

I repeat these words and feelings over and over again, and might do so again. I know some of these words hold no meaning at all and some speak mountains about my faith.  But isn’t that why we all write, draw, sing or create? It is to bring forth the happenings of the world and life and the sweet spot that rests in between. We bring it forth in different shades, in different strokes and in different words. It is in this sweet spot that even the most revolting sight can evoke wonder and the most breathtaking sight can evoke apathy. It is in knowing this sweet spot as your face to the world and as your personal haven to your inner being. The inner being that craves to be a child again. The being that wishes for magic and fairy tales. The being longs to be cradled and loved.

It is in each one of us. It maybe repressed, suppressed, forgotten or ignored, but present and breathing like a living creature. It speaks and understands only one language, one word and one emotion: love. And it is with this unconditional and irrevocable love that I write this post to all of you.

I realize that I can’t be so cynical anymore. If there is one thing that I can do, it is to give. Give my love and joy with hugs and smiles. And with each smile that I give, the gnawing at my heart gradually starts to lessen.

Life isn’t all harsh on me these days. Nor is it all sunshine and daisies. But I have chosen to love everything and anything in its total form and way. As I let this love grow, the grass seems greener, the stars shine brighter and the sorrow seems lighter.

There are many things that I have come to know and understand. I have come to know that there is a wonderful world out there. A world of love and abundance. A world of carefree laughter and ice creams. A world of witchcraft and wizardry. A world that never ceases to whisper five letters-


You got it in here

I just saw an episode of MTV Roadies auditions. A girl was sabotaged by rude comments and criticized for an hour. She just sat there calmly, listening to the judges and agreed to what made sense. She was then told to speak in her mother tongue. The moment she started talking, she was a different person altogether… her eyes sparkled, her voice echoed with conviction and her stance reflected self-assurance.

Next came a practicing homeopath who thought of himself as a ‘self made guy’. According to him, the sexiest thing about himself was his integrity, honesty and his caring nature. When asked what made Madhuri Dixit sexy, it was her smile. Not her honesty. When asked what made John Abraham sexy, it was his physique and not his caring nature. In the next ten minutes, there wasn’t a single mention about honesty, integrity or caring natures. It was only about his looks, his hair and his style.

There was a clear difference between the two. One had a self-assured confidence that radiated out of her being. She didn’t have to voice it. It was there. She knew it. No matter what they said, she knew. The other was trying no end to portray the same. That’s what it is . You cannot create another person out of yourself. You cannot become honest. You cannot become loving. You cannot become understanding. Instead of trying to create all of that, we’ve  got to realize that it is all in here.

You wont be successful until you say I don’t need that money ’cause I got it in here. – Eric Thomas

Pretense doesn’t work. It only ups your stupidity quotient. If people laugh, let them do as they please.  Stop waiting for somebody’s approval. My mother once told me, you don’t need a pair of Armani jeans to make your legs look sexy. You don’t need Chanel to be chic. You don’t need L’Oreal to be worth it. You just need yourself. Be who you are. And know it. Realize it. Earn it. Own it.  ‘Cause once you’ve done that, you can walk out in your ragged sweatpants with oil slicked hair and still say, “Screw you, bitches.” 😀

I am another you

Whenever anyone tells me life is hard, it is a struggle, I feel congested, tied down and uncomfortable. According to certain norms, there are certain things that you and I should be doing. For instance, I should be studying right now, but I am not. For anyone one of you out there, you should be working, cooking, travelling, learning, sleeping, socializing, etc etc. We should be working to fulfill our duties. Towards our families, friends, society, workplaces, bosses and the list goes on.

I would like to tell you that all of this is absolute bullshit. We do not need to do this, we do not have to do that. Life isn’t compulsion folks. It’s about taking a minute off and asking yourself, ‘ Is this what I really want? ‘ and if the answer is no, then don’t do it! Go quit your job. Go face someone or something you have always been in fear of. Sleep a little late. Cook your favourite dessert. Take time off to watch your television program. Go for a movie with your kids. Make sand castles at the beach, dance like a maniac in marriage processions, play Holi in the bathroom. Sing nursery rhymes as you walk down the street.

As you liberate yourself, your presence will automatically liberate others.

We are here to enjoy a roller coaster ride not to while away time typing in front of an electronic box (you can count me outta this one for now :P). Do what you have always wanted to do. Make a wish. Hold on to it no matter how ridiculously crazy it may seem.Hold on to it for dear life. If u want it really bad, sooner or later, you will get it. Allow the magic to unfold. Stop trying to plan each day, each hour and each minute of your life. Go for the unexpected and let the excitement thrill you.

As you embark on this roller coaster ride,feel your stomach muscles tighten as you go up the dreaded plane. Feel the wind whooshing past your face as you plummet down the slope. Feel the love, feel the joy. And mostly, believe. Life is fairy tales folks. Not only for me, but also for each and every one of us. After all, I am another You 🙂