Live, laugh, dance

My eyes lose focus as I recollect the previous night. The half eaten chocolate dangles from my sticky fingers as I mull over words that could possibly inch towards the perfection of the night.

I entered the room, my feet falling in step with the music. The thumps of the steady beat coursed through my body as soon as I set foot on the floor. Like a stimulus coursing through my veins, it flowed through my form reaching the tips of my toes and fingers. The convulsions began. Unclenching my fists, I gave way to the steady rhythm as it coursed through my hands.

I was a witnessing entity…a spirit… going through the motions of what was to be one of the most enriching and liberating experiences of my life.  At the same time, I was a form, an experience, a twirl that was slowly losing sight as the edges blurred little by little into nothingness.

People milled in. The lights dimmed. Much like my consciousness, they flashed on and off. I phased in and out of the multitude of smells, sounds and feels, as the floor vibrated with the ever increasing footfalls and the rhythmic thuds of the tunes.

The gradual upbeat of the bass sent my body into frenzy of its own. Like a slow moving missile, the magic took over, invading my senses and soul. My eyes rolled upwards as I raised my hands over my head. In that one moment of dancing glory, I felt alive. The people, the music, the lights, the floor, the sights, the smells gave way to my being as I dissolved, molecule by molecule, into the whole. I was there and not there.  I was one and nothing at all. I was a flame, burning alive and in that one moment of nothingness, I was the dancer and the dance.

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