I want irrational love

Take me into your arms and into a land of love. A love that speaks for itself. That reaches through and through your soul and makes you feel the ecstasy, the madness, the exhilaration of simple existence. A love that holds your hand to the corners of the earth. A love that jerks you out of your sleeping viscera. A love that is unreasonable. A love that is irrational.
I want this irrational love. Take me with you into this wonderland. Make me feel the love. Feel me, transform me. Brush away my dust and dig into my deepest layers. Reach into these pits and kiss my inner being. Change my definitions, carry me away with you.
Show me what rapture is, teach me what passion is. Peel off my reasons and give me irrational love. The kind that scares you to your bones but also makes you fly.
Relish my soul with your lips. Hug me like there is no tomorrow. Make me know wanting like wanting was all that could ever be wanted. Hold my hand; give me strength to believe in this ardor. Unfurl its awesome power.
Reach into my inner being. See how despite all my levels, it resonates with that of a child’s heart. Learn how my mind works: how the little girl inside me still craves for a fairytale. Be my knight in shining armor.
Touch me, embrace me. Agitate my very foundations and turn them upside down. Wrap me in your arms like embracing me was the best thing you could ever do. Push me into this tumbling maze of passion. Dive deep inside me and devour my heart and mind and soul.
Make me feel things I have never felt before, make me believe in a love that never existed before. Shake my very existence. Give me irrational love.

11 thoughts on “I want irrational love

  1. I love irrational love, I’ve always have. I’m still waiting for my knight, for my love story, for my 80’s movie…how many times I’ve dreamed about it? I don’t know but I love how you describe it.
    xxx, Celia.

    • I love it too..it’s so scary and exciting at the same time! I think it is the excitement that gives the thrill to the love..the exhilaration, the freedom..it’s simply amazing
      and the knight in shining armor! which girl doesnt wish for that?

  2. Oh…my..god. I am getting blown away with every post i am coming across. I wish I knew all those emotions but your writing makes it so tangible. It took me to the depths of “irrational love” (I have always been scared of it not because irrational love is dangerous but because people who try don’t try well) in the true spirit. Oh, love you, soul sis. :* (Ah, well, I could be your back-up knight in shining armour. 😉 :P)

    • It’s really funny how I commented I love you soul sis and the very next comment of yours had love you soul sis! 😛
      anyway, this post too was inspired by something that I had read…although irrational love is thrilling, it scares the shit out of people becaus ethey are so afraid of ‘losing themselves’
      And yes, you are and will always be my knight in shining armour 😉

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