Being human

I looked across the room and I saw your eyes wavering with some kind of unknown emotion. Or maybe it was an emotion I knew too well. You started speaking. You spoke about the way humans were, and the way they have always been. I saw my resolve reflected in your words. I started speaking up too. I told you how tired I was, how I was struggling with my ideas about the world too.
We spoke about the way people behaved, the way they talked and the way they thought. There was one thing that I admired the most in you. Your resolve held a more grounded tone than mine. It was a spot I desired to reach. A place of no ego, of no I.
As you spoke, I saw the effect of a few months of hardship reflected in your eyes. You spoke about the way your father died, about the way you brought up your little brother and learnt to survive on your own. I waited for the tears to come as you talked about the teacher that never returned to teach you as pieces of his body were found under a train.
But your eyes seemed to have a strength of their own. It wasn’t just your eyes; it was your heart too. It was, in fact, your whole being that had witnessed the ultimate fear- death- in its most brutal form. And yet, your words flowed, speaking about the glory of living life and as you put it, “enjoying all its colours.”
And I saw myself in you. We connected. We struck a chord. We talked and we shared. It was okay not to pretend anymore. Somehow, it was natural to want each other, to want to be loved and appreciated. Somehow, it was okay to feel human.
You reminded me that we needed each other.
You made me realize the very thing I was running from was something I needed to fill. I needed someone, and that was okay. It felt so easy to be with you, to talk to you.
And as you fell asleep that night, I saw your eyes shutting mine. I slept that night with a deeper sense of understanding and gratitude. I had you, and you had me.

8 thoughts on “Being human

  1. Amazing!!!
    “I had you and you had me.”
    Love is something that is so difficult and so easy to describe. You do it well, and yes a connection with the one whom you love is essential in its own course.

  2. Oh yeah, that’s about me- right there. 😛 Kidding! This was how your post was- And yet, your words flowed, speaking about the glory of living life and as you put it, “enjoying all its colours.”
    (Yeah, I know. They’re right from this post. 😛 But they described the post so beautifully. :*)

    • Wow..I’m getting overwhelmed by all your comments sister! ❤
      seems like you are on a reading and commenting spree! 😛 but I am so glad to know you liked my post so much 🙂 Keep reading!

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