Tell me stranger

Tell me stranger why can’t you look into my eyes?

Is it the hurt, the pain or the woven lies?

Are you afraid stranger? Look into my eyes and say

What keeps you awake night and day?

Why can’t you fathom the trust I have?

Tell me stranger, what makes you sad.

Is it the anguish, the disappointment and the rage?

Or the betrayal, the mistrust that builds this cage?

Why do you hold on to the hurt and despair?

Why can’t you see that I still care?

Maybe things aren’t what they used to be;

We have progressed from being two to three

I may have made mistakes and gone wrong

But I have learnt to get up and still be strong.

So look into my eyes and tell me this

If you see conviction and the chance I don’t want to miss;

Don’t you see my sincerity shining through?

Don’t you see I still love you?

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