Random words of kindness

Hello there  🙂

I can’t stop listening to Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s song, No Name. It is so beautiful. The sweetness and melody of the song sweep me off my feet into a land of fairy tales and princes. I dream of writing something that sincere and sweet. Something that would touch my heart and flow into words like honey.  Something, for some mysterious special.

I don’t know what to write about. I am just rambling away. It is a need to set my fingers to the keyboard that drives me to pen type these words. I know they make no sense; nevertheless, they are words that make me feel good, almost complete. I can’t come up with something earth shattering or gut wrenching right now, but this drive to write compels me to continue my mindless rant.

My cousin had a habit of playing make-believe with her toys. She would line her dolls and teddy bears up and conduct tea parties with them. She would then put them to bed and narrate stories of the great adventures that she was going to have. Memories and events like these, make me want to go back and grow up all over again. I hope that one day, when I am free of all societal aspirations and norms, I can visit that make-believe world again where life was simple. Drama at that time meant losing your favorite crayon and love meant the warmth of your mommy’s hug. Everything was less complicated and more fun.

I am often struck by certain words uttered to me. They have imprinted themselves in my memory and seem as fresh as yesterday. It was during one of my bored attempts at making friends on a site that I became pen pals with a Greek boy.  We exchanged pleasantries and when I expressed my concerns about not being able to fend for myself, he said,” When I went to study overseas, I was lost. For the first two days, I was roaming around the whole town. I hadn’t eaten and I was starving. By the third day, I was famished. I knew I needed to eat something. I was in a foreign land with foreign people, miles away from home and had no food or roof over my head. And for the first time, I felt free.”

People who frequent my blog would have known by now that I have trouble maintaining interpersonal relationships. It was during one of my encounters with strangers that I struck gold. An elderly gentleman and a beautiful grandfather of many once told me, “I understand. Hugs can express a lot of feeling but you must tell your parents that you love them. A simple I love you makes all the difference.” I was stunned on hearing these words. It was as if my own grandpa was guiding me through his sweet words from above.

A fellow blogger and acquaintance caught me by surprise when I discovered a truth about his life. He was the third and the only child in his family, the first two having died from premature death as babies. But his demeanor and words seemed to reveal nothing of the sort as he went about his life. He studied in one of the top institutions of the country. But neither his words nor actions revealed any of that pride. It summed up his life and character when he said,” Yeah I know. But I don’t feel the need to shout it out loud from the rooftops. “

Many strangers and friends come and go. But few like these manage to leave their footprints in my heart. Often times, I build walls and fences around my mind for fear of intrusion and intimacy. When I am afraid to let go of my inhibitions and fears, I recall six words once uttered by a close friend. “Trust life. It will take care.”


Have there been any words that have touched your heart?

9 thoughts on “Random words of kindness

    • it is true 🙂 words like these and many more stick with you forever
      once you let life take over, you realize that letting go was probably the best decision you could ever make 🙂

  1. Keep those fingers on the keyboard Ria. Keep up the “mindless rant” – because it’s anything but mindless – and the “drive to write” is going to lead you into great discoveries, into life.

    Thank you for this post. I loved it, and I loved Ryan’s song, not having known of it before.

    I also specially loved some of your words in a comment to Francesca Zelnick’s post on Silence: “… and when we let this quietness penetrate us, we realize that silence is after all, one of the arts of conversation …”

    Absolutely, Ria. Absolutely. Keep writing! 🙂

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