He had left her again. Like a young bird being pushed from the edge of the cliff by its mother, she protested and wailed as she groped in the emptiness for him. She was tumbling…falling through the dwindling haze. She thrashed and wailed as she felt the first signs of the darkness return. It pressed down on her, suffocating her from all sides. It squeezed the breath out of her lungs as she lunged forward aimlessly into the terrifying expanse. Fear gripped her heart, slashing its blades across her tender flesh.

She shrieked as the darkness consumed her bit by bit before finally engulfing her.

He watched from a corner, watching her tug at the ends of her long black hair in frustration. Her animalistic cries sent shivers down his spine. But he couldn’t be sympathetic. She did not deserve pity for her handicaps. She deserved a lot more. Something had to be done. Something that would pull her out of her hopeless state. Something that would convince her that she could still live, despite her blindness and deafness.

Stepping over the broken branches, he made his way over to her wailing form. He grabbed her arm roughly and said “The alphabets for the world start with A-B-C-D; but yours start with B-L-A-C-K. BLACK!” He said, moving his fingers over her face.

She protested, and her wails grew louder as she refused to relent. How was she supposed to see when her world lay engulfed in darkness? How did he expect her to hear when she was greeted by dead silence every single time? Nothing could help her. No matter how hard she tried, nothing could save her. She had met dead ends everywhere.

But he knew better. He watched her hands curling into tight fists, her knuckles growing white with her nails sinking deep into her palm. He wasn’t the one to give in. He patiently waited for her moans to subside before grabbing her arm again. “Your letters, your words, your world is different. You are different. You are…you are… YOU ARE DIFFERENT!”

He lifted her gently, leading her to the deeper recesses of the forest. Devoid of emotion, she trudged along as he pulled her in further. Pushing her to the edge of the wood, he whispered as he let go of her arm “and be proud, be proud…that you are different!”

And motionless she stood, waiting for the darkness to engulf her once more. But it did not come. She felt something sharp graze her arm. “Ow!” She shrieked, feeling a warmth trickle down her sore shoulder. She placed a finger over her fresh wound, wetting her finger. Carefully, she brought it to her lips, sucking on it as she tasted a salty fluid in her mouth. Blood.

A draft caught her attention as a pair of wings rested on her shoulder. Her lips curled into a small smile as she let the butterfly perch on her arm.  Stumbling over tree stumps and rocks, she moved ahead.

She kicked her feet out of her shoes and wiggled her toes sinking them into the soft soil. Carefully putting one step in front of the other, she moved forward. And soon she was walking. One…two…three… She counted her steps as she moved deeper into the forest.

Suddenly, she felt her shirt becoming moist as the raindrops fell from the heavens. She extended her hands, enjoying the feel of the cool water drops on her face. She walked in deeper. One…. Two…. Three….

She lost count as the she went deeper and deeper into the jungle with the raindrops caressing her face all the while. She thrust her body forward, one foot in front of the other. And suddenly, she was flying. She could barely feel the ground beneath her feet. “Maybe this is what running feels like”, she thought. Letting out a carefree laugh, she let her surroundings envelop her.

Once again, the darkness returned. But this time, it was different. It had a new dimension to it. It wasn’t mere darkness. It had a color to it.


(The dialogue for this scene has been taken from the film Black)

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