Children, an act of god? Naaahh

I lay awake that night clenching and unclenching my hands as I grabbed fistfuls of the bed sheet. My breathing was ragged and my palms had turned clammy. I could feel my heart crashing in my chest. With all my might, I willed for the convulsing tremors that coursed through my body to stop. But they seemed to have a mind of their own. I thought of seeking solace from my mother but quickly dismissed the idea as that would only make matters worse.

I could sense a full-blown panic attack making its way. Suddenly, I remembered another time like this when I lay my head in my mother’s lap as she softly crooned the name of the lord to me. Instinctively, I started chanting the name of the lord. I pushed away all thoughts of worry and fear and let the peace wash over me as I fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

That night led me to question the existence of the mighty entity worshipped and revered by many. God. I am all for independence and pragmatic approaches but this incident like the many others before, caught me off guard. Where did the sudden strength come from that night? Was it because some divine entity had actually tended to my woes? Or was the fear dominated by the hope that arose at the prospect of a being greater than oneself? I was puzzled.

It just couldn’t be a trick of the mind. Or even a delusion leading one to hope and peace.

But there was some comfort in the fact that something outside of me was providing the support and strength in time of dire need.

What this power is, I cannot say, all I know is that it exists.

-Alexander Graham Bell


An energy flow connects all things, biotic and abiotic. And I’m not just saying these words because I have seen Avatar, but because it is a proven fact through quantum mechanics. This energy can neither be created nor be destroyed and has always has been and always will be.  Sounds similar to our definitions of God, doesn’t it?

Philosopher Osho states that the idea of God makes man a half-hearted being. An existence without God is possible. Man is prevented from enjoying the pleasures of life since his mind dances in the eternal dilemma of right and wrong. His desires pull him towards a woman, but the Bible condemns it as a sin pulling him away.

His desire to eat to his fill is surpassed by the scriptures labeling it as greed and gluttony. And the eternal dilemma starts again.

I think the concept of God was invented to restore order to what seemed to certain saints as chaos in the world. But why have we been taught to restrain ourselves from our pleasures? Why have the responses to physical stimuli become sins? Intercourse has been labeled as wrong and sinful. Lust is in the eyes of those who can not control their bodily wants.

Why should the genitalia be treated in a condemning way while our heart and liver are considered as normal functioning organs of the body? Your man and lady parts are just as much a part of your body as your heart and your liver. The very essence of intercourse is to provide pleasure, so why deny ourselves of it? A study led by a researcher has shown that the problems of the world arise not from sex, but from its suppression.

It is man who has fashioned God in a way as to put a reign over the galloping horses of his fantasies. It is our priests who keep us shadowed from the truth with their talks on moral righteousness.

The priests are frightened that one day, man will discover that he is God himself. He will know that he is capable of doing things never done before. There will be no ceiling to man’s abilities and talents. He will transcend all barriers, material and cerebral to become a living divine entity.

This universal awakening is slowly taking over.  People are waking up from their ignorant slumber. Very soon, man will realize that he is perfection in human form. And there will be one day when man will walk up to his woman without guilt and say, “Lets get naked.”

7 thoughts on “Children, an act of god? Naaahh

  1. Brilliant… very well expressed… keep it up. For me, the best post so far. Every line has a meaning. A meaning that can be interpreted in N ways by N beings, but with no definite answer.

    Humans will always believe they are God till God, if he/she exists, presents himself/herself.

    Till then… only God Save Us 😉

    • humans believing that they are god isnt an arrogant expression of man’s ability..its the truth..n it needs to be realised..a lot of people live in ignorance not because they fear the darkness, but because they are scared to know that they are powerful beyond measure 🙂
      and thank u soo much for liking the post!! 😀

  2. hahahaahahaha its sooooo well written and neatly presented i was swayed:) :p hhahah nono none of our scriptures say dont eat to your fill or dont eat ur faourite food all they say is eat your fill but dont overeat for the simple and logical fact u will cry in the night and ur stomach willl groan and i dont know about u or the others but everytime i over eat i deeply regret it doesnt allow me to work properly and sets me up with an unwanted absolutely illusioned form of lethargy and laziness which doesnt really exist.hmmmmm if u dont like the religious idea of god thats ok but u cannot deny him as a source of perrenial energy u know.lik u can call him nature or whatever but especially the greatest and most astonishing facts can be found about His prowess if u go deeper into space research.well atleast for sure there are many more.dude religion never condems sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even jesus christ was born and sooo was krishna and they were all a solid outcome of hardcore intercourse. but even animals have sex openly on the road in front of everybody naked all day long.but humans aernt animals.we have a far far far greater intellect and greater ability to reach ourselves like no other creature.look aound u for urself this verry computer upon which u will sit and read this is an insanely brilliant invention.if we got stuck to sex and took it to unnecesary heights weeed be fucked .i understand your view point from the perspective of an orthodox and conservative society which demeans sex because it doesnt understand it.but thats an extremists way.just to prove their stupidity i would say we dont need to get into another extreme and glorify it beyond justification.u tell me.u spoke of never pleases u.its only the love or affection behind it that does is just one very very small part of a physical expression of that love affection and acceptance of that responsibility of love.without love id call it the u got horny u dont get happy syndrome.u spke of a power beyond ourselves which fuels us at times.great prople like vivekanand were so aware of this power that they were consciously able to connect to it whenever they wished.wanton sex is absolutely disruptive to this connection. it just consumes soooooooooo much of this energy u cant even imagine. all our scriptures wish to tell us is this.they wish to free us from all doubt and all forms of misery.which i think is is not bad.its just about the intention behind it.try having a random sex much so ever u may try to glorify u at the end of the day if u ask urself,”dear inner self how do u feel?Disgusted.”

    • wow..that was one long comment…thank u for commenting on my blog and taking time of for providing ur is as always, very valuable…what u said is true…the intention behind sex makes it pleasurable not the act itself…i wrote this post in an attempt to not glorify intercourse but to just bust the myth that sex is bad…it isnt a taboo..once people free themselves of these norms and traditions, they will understand that their free will provides them with the greatest power…and from that power they can choose, consciously, to follow the idea of a god that suits them…
      man here is portrayed as a creature of intellect…he is powerful beyond measure…and yes, a random fling does not give u that satisfaction at the end of the day to which u wud prefer falling asleep to..and ur insights provide a deeper meaning whichc i surely will cover..thank u sooo much 🙂

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