Dark fantasy

“You will not be able to evade me this time,” she said, slithering snakelike around his chiseled body. Her painted lips kissed his neck back and forth till his resolve began to border on frenzy. He turned over to another side to block her out. Yet, he could not ignore her. She phased in and out of his dreams. At times, with her piercing black eyes that reminded him of the twisting pits of Hades and at times, with a mere whisper of her presence. That whisper was enough. It sent chills down his spine every time. The next day would decide the fate for both.

Judgment Day. Today, neither could live while the either survived. He stood in front of those iron gates that caged along with him, a hundred other fighters. What lay beyond remained a mystery every time. Each time, he had prevailed. Over the most harmless to the most gruesome things that lay beyond.

She came in quietly with the ribbons of light that filtered through the iron bars. She squandered, searching for her prey. Once again, her talons ripped the hearts of many. Many gave in, lapping up at her brilliant contours. She sneered at those who gave in resignedly. Devouring their minds with relish, she goaded over the power she had over them. She controlled their minds now. Their bodies would soon follow. “Fools,” she thought, laughing to herself for those that wished to put up one last fight. Ultimately, they would have to give in. Her cackling laughter echoed across the field to the cries of, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The iron gates clanged open. The hue and cry of blood and gore set the adrenaline flowing. The spectators cheered as the fighters rushed out. The silver of their swords shimmered in the sunlight. With their barbed wires and armored horses, the fighters charged at the slaves. Iron clashed against steel. The fray broke into a deadly duel for glory. For freedom. For life.

In the dark galleries of the court she stood, licking her scarlet lips. It wouldn’t be long before she was summoned. “Kill! Kill! Kill!” the death bell sounded. The sound of metal against flesh was music to her ears. She swooped over those who gave up too soon. Like chess pieces they began to fall and one by one, she cleared them off. By now, her heady scent was everywhere.

Yet, Death wasn’t satisfied. She wanted him the most. His perfect body, his brilliant eyes, his firm resolve held a certain charisma. Death watched, as dancer like he fought, in perfect synchronization with the last fighter.

She hovered around as he fought. Her touch sent shudders through his body. But touch was all that she could. Each time she tried to sink her teeth into him, something kept her away. It was like a fire. It burnt her robes and parched her lips. She didn’t know this fire. She was afraid, almost terrified.

And then, Death heard a sound she had been waiting for. The sound of metal ripping through human flesh. For a moment, everything came to a standstill. It silenced her too. Regaining her senses, she rushed towards him and shrieked. His fire burnt her. The flames danced around her, slowly and steadily. Scorched and powerless, Death keeled to the ground. “You evaded me,” she said, clutching at her breast. Triumphant, the gladiator raised his sword to the cries of, “Live! Live! Live!”

And in a second, she was gone.

8 thoughts on “Dark fantasy

  1. then why does the warrior fight for his life? one might think death herself would be quite a catch. 😉
    or does he have some special reason to dislike her?
    just common self-preservation? 😛

    • yes, of course it is common self preservation. And the reason Death is portrayed to be quite something herself is because she is quite alluring, he has to try really hard to overcome her attraction. This piece is more like a courtship between the gladiator and death although towards the end it becomes one sided since the gladiator is able to fight his inner demons and defeat death.

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