Windows to his soul

Those soft brown eyes.

She caught glimpses of them. At times with that added blush of ignorance and at times with that sweet undertone of wonder.

They blinked at her, from the crevice of her lap.

They spoke of being.

Of the sheer essence of innocence.

Of their coming into the world.

They seemed to wonder as they gazed at her, absorbing every detail, every freckle on her cheek, every curl of her hair, every blink of her eyelids.

They had spoken of love and complete surrender.

Of promises that promised forever.

They reflected heartbreaking loneliness and at times, shockingly frightening anger.

Yet it was their innocence she loved the most.

The more she gazed, the more she wondered and the more secrets they seemed to unfold.

One day, she hoped, she would be past all the layers and the secrets.

Yet, that melting brown held nothing back.

No layers, no secrets.

The simplicity and absurdity of it all astounded her.

And those soft brown eyes continued to gaze in wonderment.

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