The girl next door

I’m going to make this post on decisions. It’s about those moments where you wake up from your daze and realize it’s not nap time anymore. You force yourself to decide. To go somewhere. To make a decision that involves moving, living, being. All the philosophy and all the big words are impressive, yeah I know. But I’m just a another girl next door who has her dreams and her aspirations. I want to know what I want to do, who  I want to be. So this time, I face all my fears, get done with feeling vulnerable and tell myself, it’s now or never. I’ve been stuck in that same state of mental dizziness since a year. It’s okay to not know and its okay to fail and yes, all that does sound very grand but who am I trying to fool? I want to know the answers. So I make a choice. Of plunging into the unseen and letting it take me where it has to go. But no matter what happens, I know that the magic carpet flies only where I decide. Life is like that. It just doesn’t take a turn and make you feel down and out. It takes a turn cause you wanted it. Somewhere deep down, you wished for it. Things came back to being normal again when you got tired of the misery. Things do turn out exactly the way we want them to. At the end of the day, there ain’t anyone else to blame. Go out there today and make a decision. A decision to be the best that you can be. Have the courage to live, to follow your heart. Don’t bother about being wrong. Martin Luther King Jr. very thoughtfully said,

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the full staircase. Just take the first step.

Often times, we get frightened of making the wrong decision. I’ll let you in on a little secret that I’ve come to know. It’s all okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

6 thoughts on “The girl next door

  1. It’s about realizing your destiny. Once you realize it, everything work towards it, including us.
    – Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist.

    In the end you will be what you were destined to be. I can tell this from experience. So don’t worry just keep taking the plunge till you realize your destiny.

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