You got it in here

I just saw an episode of MTV Roadies auditions. A girl was sabotaged by rude comments and criticized for an hour. She just sat there calmly, listening to the judges and agreed to what made sense. She was then told to speak in her mother tongue. The moment she started talking, she was a different person altogether… her eyes sparkled, her voice echoed with conviction and her stance reflected self-assurance.

Next came a practicing homeopath who thought of himself as a ‘self made guy’. According to him, the sexiest thing about himself was his integrity, honesty and his caring nature. When asked what made Madhuri Dixit sexy, it was her smile. Not her honesty. When asked what made John Abraham sexy, it was his physique and not his caring nature. In the next ten minutes, there wasn’t a single mention about honesty, integrity or caring natures. It was only about his looks, his hair and his style.

There was a clear difference between the two. One had a self-assured confidence that radiated out of her being. She didn’t have to voice it. It was there. She knew it. No matter what they said, she knew. The other was trying no end to portray the same. That’s what it is . You cannot create another person out of yourself. You cannot become honest. You cannot become loving. You cannot become understanding. Instead of trying to create all of that, we’ve  got to realize that it is all in here.

You wont be successful until you say I don’t need that money ’cause I got it in here. – Eric Thomas

Pretense doesn’t work. It only ups your stupidity quotient. If people laugh, let them do as they please.  Stop waiting for somebody’s approval. My mother once told me, you don’t need a pair of Armani jeans to make your legs look sexy. You don’t need Chanel to be chic. You don’t need L’Oreal to be worth it. You just need yourself. Be who you are. And know it. Realize it. Earn it. Own it.  ‘Cause once you’ve done that, you can walk out in your ragged sweatpants with oil slicked hair and still say, “Screw you, bitches.” 😀

8 thoughts on “You got it in here

  1. Got here via Vodka Shots.. Nice blog you have got up here!
    I second the point you try to make in this post but would choose to disagree with the reference made to the Roadies interview. The girl indeed was vivacious and confident but imho she is more manipulative and cunning than she portrayed herself to be. I believe that the difference lied in the confidence level of the two applicants. That was the deciding factor between the two, and no wonder the judges chose the former as a roadie. Whoever you are whatever you do, if you are not confident of your own abilities no one would bet a penny over you. Anyway its all a matter of perception. The same episode inspires you to be more original and to me to be more confident. Perhaps one is always looking for things they think they lack 😛

    • Hi,
      i completely agree with you…i had seen only a section of that episode and that girl caught my attention..thus i wrote a blog post about it..and yes confidence is the difference between success and failure

      Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

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