It happened one Sunday noon…

The dust smotes gathered up in the wind and twirled in a dance of union making beautiful patterns in the breeze. A man with sandalwood and vermilion paste over his head stood looking at the on goings. Hundreds of people sat devouring the prasadam. Orange robe clad figures with sandalwood smeared foreheads made their way issuing orders to the kitchens. Chantings of the holy name issued out of the temple’s halls.

Across the street, there stood a girl with her bag pack resting against the hood of a car.  She watched the hundreds of people  thronging the magnificent temple in celebration of Krishna Consciousness as she waited for her uncle. The delicious smell of the curry and rice that wafted across the road made her mouth water. A flute seller loaded with flutes played his melodies. The lazy Sunday afternoon sun and the flautist’s tunes lulled her into a state of calm. A state of pure serenity. She didn’t bother about her uncle, she didn’t bother about her grumbling stomach, she didn’t bother about reaching home early, she didn’t bother about her studies. She just stood there, gazing into space while the flautist continued to play his compositions.

That girl that day was me. Amidst the din and chaos of it all, I finally found my moment of divine peace. Of serene bliss and calm. Of the sheer essence of being. Not becoming.

We live in a crazy world. Of haste and distress. Out of those thousand moments that you are trying to bring order in your life, extract a moment for yourself. For your moment of peace. It can be in a loved one’s arms or by the shore as you watch the waves lash against the rocks. It can even be in the bathroom or in the quite of the night. It can be anything, anywhere, anytime. Take your pick. Celebrate universal consciousness.

5 thoughts on “It happened one Sunday noon…

  1. its very nicely set up, but the description of the place and the description of ur moment of divine peace could have been a bit more better! but still very nice 🙂

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