Screw the world

Aaaaaaarrrgghhh!!! I want to kick and punch. I want to yell out to the world for being so unfair. I want to fight and hit, so I can get hit back. I want it to hurt so badly that I forget what hurt is. When every other thing in the world annoys you because of the way it is, shout. Yell, abuse. Go for a walk. Do whatever you want. Walk out on your loved ones. Blame, kick, scream. The world is your oyster. Punch pillows. Go kick boxing.

Anger is as much a part of our lives as joy is. There is no harm in getting angry. We are here to express ourselves and not keep our emotions cooped up in a shell. Humans are the most evolved species because of their ability to feel. Feel anything. Love, resentment, joy or anger. These are channels to express our feelings, our innermost thoughts and desires. There is nothing wrong in getting frustrated. You don’t need to be ashamed of it.

I’m sooo angery right now that i can barrely type..why me oh God? Why does all this have to happen to me? Why cant they understand? why do they have to behave like this? why? why? why?

And God said, “Let there be anger.”

6 thoughts on “Screw the world

  1. Everything happens coz its bound to happen… there’s a reason behind it… sometimes its obvious… sometimes we ustand the reason after long… when we ustand we realize that either it was very trivial or it happened for good.
    But, the good thing that you are doing is to live the moment… “Screw the whys. Go Get Angry.” Just ensure that the anger doesn’t hurt someone… esp who cares for us.

  2. the best thing about the post is that, while reading it u actually feel that the writer is really angry, so according to me its very well written cuz ur actual feelings are being reflected in your words 🙂

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